Discover the Benefits of A Luxury Drug Rehab Treatment Center

In this age and time, the word luxury rehab cannot be separated from a 5-star hotel. Many people come to expect luxury rehab centers to have high-quality bedding with elegant threading patterns, lovely decorations, flat-screen televisions in every room and other facilities one can think of. Indeed, many of the rehab centers are equipped with pools, private rooms, hot tubs, including well-equipped gyms. Owners of luxury rehab centers hire only experts who are accustomed to wealthy individuals such as yoga instructors, personal trainers, massage specialists, and 5-star chefs who are experienced in cooking healthy foods and making them as palatable as possible. In many instances, a luxury rehab provides an all-inclusive experience with unique offerings such as Tai Chi, yoga, Guided meditation, and Qi Gong. The more you learn about these offerings you get from visiting luxury alcohol rehab centers, the more you think of them as comparable to lavished resorts or spas.

Though the decision to consult luxury rehab centers for treatment on alcohol, drugs or behavioral health cases is privileged, the reason for this move is most times life-threatening and a difficult one that comes with pains. After all, addiction doesn’t have regards for your economic and social status. And while it is worth recognizing all the benefits and extras of these rehab centers, the primary treatments such as evidence-based group therapy, medically supervised detox, trauma informed-care, and individual therapy, among others are basically what makes these rehab centers popular today. Indeed, what makes most luxury treatment centers is their individualized treatment. However, the fact about truly personalized care and individualized treatment claim by numerous luxury rehab centers cannot be guaranteed by these centers. Unique individualized attention uses each person’s specific personality, physical health, history, mental health, previous and current substance abuse, general desires and life goals in a bid to tailor a treatment focused particularly on them. There isn’t a ‘common day’ or routine at luxury rehab centers because every person has their unique schedule different from that of others and according to individual circumstances.

The Principles Behind Individualized Addiction Treatment

Individualized treatment is seen as the solution to one-size-fits-all techniques that many luxury rehab centers promote. For example, twelve-step meetings are mostly viewed as a one-size-fits-all method to treatment because there is not much difference between the strategies applied in a person’s program with that of others. Every “drug addict” is believed to have many similar character defects like others and programming is made to assist individuals to thrive in spite of these defects. Through listing resentments; belief in a higher power; finding your portion in the conflict; working and fellowship with other addicts; correcting errors and meditation, the ultimate drive is to get a reprieve and recovery via the 12-steps. Therefore, if most luxury rehab centers hold on to the claim of being individualized and base their treatment on the 12-step ideologies, the concept of individualized care they hold on to is in doubt. For this, a natural individualized treatment at a luxury rehab mostly proposes AA/NA meetings as the primary support option available.

Furthermore, the totality of the peer support concept is one of the many compliments to the whole process of luxury rehab center treatments that usually occur in a group and individual therapy. Relapse prevention and Psycho-education are equally a significant part of a comprehensive treatment at a luxury rehab center. Relapse prevention methods that work effectively for one person may not work for another, despite the ideal to do so. Many rehab centers know this and adjust programming accordingly.

The Epidemic of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

In 2016, as reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 46 Americans on the average died daily from an overdose on prescription opioids. They also stated that the death resulting from heroin overdose quadrupled ever since in 2010. Similarly, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that about 29 people die every day from alcohol-related vehicle accidents in the US. These are alarming statistics and the reason for the growing number of luxury rehab centers in the US. Other evidence exists on how people unnecessarily suffer the stronghold of alcohol and drugs. Mind changing drugs can be a good relief substance for everyday stress, but when administered in excess or continuously, especially by persons liable to addiction, the damaging effects supersede their short-term satisfaction.

Alcohol and drug addiction most times destroy the professional as well as the personal lives of the victim, and most times extend to affect the life of his family. The summary of it all is that if substance intake can be controlled easily by individuals willingly, there would be no need for the many programs, luxury rehab centers, and high-level facilities all around the globe to treat sufferers of addiction. Not minding whether one sees it as a disease, moral failing, an allergy, a treatment medical condition, or even a high-level of self-love, handling alcoholism and drug addiction typically need professional help. Removing oneself from their regular day-to-day life for a while requires preparedness to withstand a considerable amount of physical, mental and emotional distress.

Finding Qualified Luxury Rehab Centers for Treatment

When an individual finally gets to the crossroads in substance use and are sure they are prepared to let go of it, their next step will most likely be overwhelming. Should they try therapy? AA? Outpatient rehab? A detox hospital? Luxury Rehab? Perhaps they can confide in a friend who they trust or go with anti-depressants or other anti-anxiety medication to find a solution? With all these options available it’s quite alarming and shocking that many never free themselves from the cycle of abuse and use of substances. Though luxury rehab centers, for instance, can work for an individual, they may not prove to be the solution for everyone. The rehab centers are a solution but so is the option of a highly organized outpatient program. Most times, a luxury rehab has got an inpatient path that extends and goes down to an outpatient facility. Some other times, the individual needs a therapist who is a specialist in addiction and or a sober confidant from the luxury rehab center or private practice. Other times, a psychiatrist is needed to diagnose the mental health condition the individual has been treating all by himself, which is self-medicating. In this particular instance, the person is better off going to a dual diagnosis facility and not specifically any of the numerous 12-step meetings or addiction treatment centers.

There is equally the issue of treatment funding. Although insurance companies will be required to settle payment for alcohol and drug addiction treatment, not all areas are covered, so there are rules on what is explicitly included and for how long they’ll continue paying for such. Most times, luxury rehab centers are accessible to an individual paying through health insurance for rehab.

Luxury Drug Rehabs Are Not All The Same

All rehabs are not created equal. Many choices are depending on the economic status of the individual, the behavior or the drugs with which the person is struggling with, and the length at which they’re able to get treatment. It also depends on what degree and capacity they’ll need a detox. Primary outpatient centers exist that facilitate twelve-step meetings but do not offer much in the area of medication administration or even individual therapy that is available in a luxury rehab. That said, some locations concentrate basically on adventure therapy and other recreational outlets. So many facilities specialize only in opioid addiction treatment including Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).

The actual challenge for the particular individual comes from finding the right rehab that is best suited for their condition and addiction. Considering how severe substance abuse is, a rehab may not have the treatment needed to cater to long-term cases. As made clear in the Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment, A Research-Based Guide from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a type of treatment that may end up in long-term recovery is adjusted to an array of the persons psychological and physical needs and not just about drug abuse only. Post-treatment coping strategies, behavioral therapies, and other research-based treatments are vital aspects of drug abuse rehab programs.

Also, if the focus of a rehab center is on luxury and setting, it may not provide adequate treatment that may cover long-term recovery. Here is a collection of items to consider and ask about when picking a luxury rehab center program:

  • Accessibility of detox services that are medically supported
  • List of mental well-being therapy and support services
  • Addiction treatment for the particular substance involved
  • Availability of peer support to complement individualized treatment
  • The offering of medical maintenance if required
  • Dependence on research-based treatments over other techniques. Programs that apply these techniques along with other methods supported with medical and scientific research are likely to provide the appropriate level of value for the money spent on high-level treatment services.

Conclusively, luxury rehab centers are still one of the best possible options for getting sober and well. Luxury rehab often takes care of the person from all angles possible. This is done under the management of competent staff personnel using the most advanced treatments.